• Bharat Bandhu

Kamini Dube, Bombay Talkies & Aazaad Join hands for Jayatu Sanskritam & Uttishtha Yudhaswa Bharat

After the grand success of Rashtraputra and Aham Brahmasmi, the most eminent female personality of India, Producer Kamini Dube, legendary film company The Bombay Talkies Studios again signed Nationalist Filmmaker Megastar Aazaad for their next collaborative mega ventures in Sanskrit “JayatuSanskritam” and “Uttishtha Yuddhaswa Bharat.”

December 12, 2019 is the 147th birthday of Dharmaveer Dr. Balakrishna Shivram Moonje, a powerful intense nationalist and true son of Mother Bharati. Celebrating his 147th birthday with great zeal and enthusiasm Megastar Aazaad said in a loud and clear manner at a press conference present on the occasion, that Dr. Moonje is his idol and he has an existential relationship with him. Ramadandee Aazaad received his education from the very famous Bhonsala military school which was established in Nashik by non-other than Dr. Moonje himself. On this occasion, Aazaad recalled some important events of his Ramadandee period and specially mentioned Commandant of Bhonsala Military School, Major Prabhakar Balwant Kulkarni under whose guidance Aazaad acquired the knowledge of his thought for lifetime Live for Nation and Die for Nation which is been still followed and kept in practice by the Megastar.

Aazaad (आज़ाद ) explained the life and times of the legend with ultimate respect and authority. Paying his tribute to Dr. Moonje, (डॉ. बी. एस. मुंजे) he said that Dr. Moonje was a great freedom fighter, former president of the Hindu Mahasabha, an important participant in the establishment of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the political guru of the founder of the Sangh ( RSS ), Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar, and the leader of military education in India. Aazaad said that Dr. Moonje Had done selfless service to the country.