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Maharishi Aazaad Said The Main Reason Behind Deficient Indian Education is Hiring Untrained Teachers

By Bharat Bandhu News

Mumbai 13/09/20:

International Ambassador of Sanskrit,Megastar of India, Military School Student,Maharishi Aazaad Said The Main Reason Behind deficient Indian Education is Hiring of untrained and unskilled Teachers.

Education system in India is getting ruined due to improper selection of teachers in villages.

People get teaching jobs through some connections and relatives which is improper. As it's important to have good and well educated teachers to train the students for a better future.

Government should take a check on such issues. They should take responsibility for providing good quality and well educated teachers for growth of literacy rate in villages and better future of the students says the Ultimate Megastar Of India Maharishi Aazaad.

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